Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Past life

I have a friend that is psychic. He said that him, my gf and i knew each other in my past life during 1860s. He and i were forced to be in the confederate army in TN. We had deserted and hid in different locations. my leg got injured and i went up to ohio and my gf was a nurse. She took care of me when i was hurt. My firend hid in the south until the war ended. For some how i wrote him and it took 2 years to find me. My friend said all he had to do was look up the nurse's name and he would find me. After that all 3 of us lived together for a while. the funny thing about now and my past life is that i wanted to join the Marine corps and when i was 6 years old my leg was paralyzed from being in a car accident. Then in my past life i was in the military and my leg got injured. Thats crazy!