Wednesday, September 30, 2009

(3/4) america. But they didnt because they are still building their nuks. Same with Iran. So i think that 2012 will be the end of weapons development. The main

(4/4) goal for civilians is to prepare no matter how you do it just do it.

(2/4) when everything is preparing for the worst. Like right now for example if korea had all their nuks finish being built they would already attacked

(1/4) How & where the world is going i would just say that we all need to prepare ourselves mentally physically and spiritually. I believe that the year 2012 is

Must better myself to understand myself to know myself then to love myself. Learn til theres nothing else. I deserve more in life.

Every morning i wake up my life changes. I am thankful that God allows me to start a new page. But i put myself 1st. My day tends to hurt me. Get no peace.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My friend just introduced me to le parkour and freerunning. That mess is sick. Im gotta get into it now.. It real interestiing and fun.

Yesterday i finally got to meet up with an old friend that iv known scense 4 years old. we havnt seen each other for 10 - 11 years.

Monday, September 28, 2009

I meant to create another blog on survivalism today but i didnt get a chance to. I really want to help people how to survive.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

List five of your favorite oldies
1. Moments in love
2. Its a man's world
3. Children's world
4. Maryjane
5. Sexual healing

List five of your favorite movies

1. The professional
2. Set it off
3. Pitch black
4. Training day
5. Friday

Lastnight i deleted most of my new posts because my cellphone sends them seperately to blogger so basically it cuts the post in pieces and it dont look right.

I know people that read my post probably say to themselve is that i dont have a lot to read. The this about it is that i mostly use my cell too post to blogger

List five favorate place you wish to visit
1. Israel
2. Brazil
3. Tahiti
4 . New orleans
5. Miami

For people that have been through a negative or a tragic time, turn it into a positive thing. Help people who is going through the same situations.

My opinion on the dtv is that it was the most stupidest idea for tv technology ever made. To me its just about the gov getting into peoples' homes

I will never take kids to the laundry mat ever again they just act up and don't listen because they know your not their parents i wanna choke something!

Heaven is on earth same as hell. But to much evil, any goodness is hard to tell. Just keep praying, keep searching. The good is worth for the search.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

In the beginning of this year i had a blog about survivalim but had deleted it. So im planning on putting it back up probably on monday

I tried so many times to send an image from my cell phone to my mobile blogger. Its confusing.


Death, only the beginning of true living. Life is about loving and giving. Mortal existance crowds the earth. Man is now a walking curse.


chaos, deadly
slaughters, tortures, rapes
distress, frightening, psychotic, hell.

In The Shadows I wait

Your heart beats proudly. Patience makes me want to yell loudly. In the shadows i wait. You and i, love is fate.

If my blog post get seperated again ill just have to get on the computer to edit them and delete.

Need Peace In My Heart

I need peace in my heart.
My soul is aching,
Falling apart.
I feel wounded as if i was
at the battlefront.
My demons are on the hunt.
I need peace in my heart

A Warrior

A warrior
mighty, loyal
protects, loves, destroys
ready, charged, tired, sore
a warrior

Those two first posts seem wierd when i only sent one but the post got seperated.

My first mobile blog 2

laundry later on today.

my first mobile blog

Today i created my first mobile blog scense i have a new phone thats design for txting. Plus its great for me to have while waiting for my